Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Computer Wipe Out

Hi there typical injury to the heart, my computer after 18 months hit the dusk.  Hard drive is shot and its cheaper to just buy a new one so I did.  Right now I am getting some new photo's of cards together and I will be posting real quick.  Hang in there with me and promise .....

I will be back!!!!!

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Everyone needs encouragement.  It's the opposite of bullying or hurting.
someone's feelings yet it gives them a sense of hope.  Isn't that a good feeling to have inside yourself?  I'm the kind of person that needs encouragement I need to know I'm doing the right thing and I would hope that I convey that to others each day of my life.  Put yourself the word I in this verse 1 Corinthians 13:4-6, I put myself in there and realize I have a lot more to learn about myself.


That's why I like to make these encouragement cards for others when their feeling down, undecided, lonely, or just lost in the moment.  Make it a point to

always compliment someone no matter how little it will mean the world to them that you thought something special of them.  I know these might be silly ideas but they sure mean a lot to me when someone compliments me on my hair, my eyes, my shirt or my cards.  Always remember to 'Pay it Forward', God Bless.

Thursday, April 30, 2015

 Don't you just see the neighbor sitting in the sun in Florida with his puppy by his side sippin a ice tea and soakin up the rays?  I love this stamp set is Art Impressions and I am always getting request for handmade post cards or greeting cards for RVing or camping so this stamp set is perfect.
This next one is just cardstock layered with fishing stickers attached because I have a huge fan base of fishermen and the wives love to give their men cards.

While I'm on the road I make cards, sell cards for $1 each and I give haircuts to men & women for a donation.  That way I have a little stash to buy me something great someday.  I'm also know to give my cards away as Thank you packs just because someone did something special for me or touch me with their smile.  I'm a big supporter of the 'Pay it Forward' concept and I hope each and everyone of you will try it, the happiness it brings me is priceless.

Have a great day and remember to SMILE at someone, they'll like it and it will start to fill your heart with so much.    God Bless

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Butterfly's & Thank You's

     Ok so its almost 5 months later and I haven't posted, gee willacures!  Thats a long time and I really have no excuse except Florida Internet is horrible.  But I came back on April 3rd, stayed home for a few days then went to Pigeon Forge for my annual birthday camp.  I actually went for the Stamp Escape that was put on for the STAMPERS who complain no stamp shows come our way.  Well in the 3 days I attended I didn't meet a single one Tennessee Stamper.  I'm proud of the fact that I am a TS even though I don't partake with the group I still think there are a lot of wonderful girls in the group.   I think Tom and Janet with the Scrapbooking Store did a wonderful job and deserve a lot of credit for the classes that were put on and the Make & Take event on Friday night.   I had a great time and learned or refresh this old brain with lots of good stuff and I got a Goody Bag that was worth $50.  I really am upset that more of the TS didn't show up, hey guess you know it all an didn't want to support Stampers in Tennessee.

     Enough said on that issue the card posted was one of at least 20 I made either in classes or at the Make & Take.  So without further ado here's a few more.
 I went to a class and made 3 adorable slider cards and its totally different than when I learned it years ago.  You can buy cards already made for sliders or you can buy the die-cut.  Amazing until I just read the verse inside that doesn't match the Happy Birthday card, Oops!
Everyone knows Janet from the Scrapbook store and one of our own TS, but she shared this card on the Make & Take night and I just love it.  I even bought the 2 stamps and stamp pad to make these.  Thanks Janet for planning a great time for all.  Now I promise to be better at getting back with you all and posting regularly since I am making cards again for OWH and Nursing Home.

     Everyone have a safe day and a warm one this one is just a little to chilly for me but God willin and the creek don't dry, I'll be fine.    God Bless.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Port Richey, Florida Ja-Mar RV Resort

Yep there are three little 4 foot crocks in the pond so my brother isn't fishing much here in Port Richey, Fl.  Actually the weather has been cool and very windy so we haven't been to the pool at all.  The last two nights the storms have been so bad I just huddled in bed, scared me so bad I was ready to pack it in and go somewhere safe.  I can't believe I've been here since Nov. 22nd the time is flying and it seems like we're busy all the time.
Today we left at 10:00 AM to go to a beach, isn't it funny that beach and ocean park are two different things.  After driving over 50miles we finally asked a EMS Supervisor about a beach where we could walk in the sand.  Although Ann (Bob's wife) still isn't feeling good she went along but the 30 mph winds made it impossible to walk very far.  We finally found a beautiful beach with its own peninsula called Howard Park in Tarpon Springs.

The time is flying down here, I can't believe I have been gone over 2 months.  It sure has given me time to reflect and try to find myself again.  I realize that by wanting and expecting people to care about me I have driven them away, so I need to be myself and respect their life also.  So enjoy the crock pictures and until tomorrow remember to 'Pay it Forward'.  Hugs from sunny Port Richey, Florida.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Positive Update on my RV Travels and Card Making

Wow has it really been a year and a half since I wrote to my friends and updated them on my progress?  I'm ashamed of myself and Jake and I want you to know we will try to keep up better.  Jake is doing so well in the RV and he hates it when we go home because he has so much roaming room and he's not always in the same room as me.  Now 30 feet isn't much room if you've seen our Georgia (my name for my 2004 Forest River Georgetown).  I love it even if she cost me money almost every time I take her out.

Bob and Ann came down on Jan. 5th and met me in Bushnell for 2 weeks then we moved onto Port Richey on the Gulf coast for a week.  We got up yesterday and went to the pond and those 3 little gators or crocks met us for some food. Thought they would come up the side of the pond but they didn't. Then we drove around and found some beaches but they weren't really beaches because you couldn't go by the water, thats not what I call a beach.  Then at 5 pm the sky broke loose and we had a rain storm to end all wind and rain storms.  Since we are only a 1/2 mile from the ocean the winds are high but the weather is beautiful.  The storm ended this morning and now the sky is super blue and I think the rest of the day will be wonderful.  Course I chose to make this day my cleaning day.  Time for laundry, vacumning, dusting and a little cooking for freezer dinners.

I've made about 20 cards in the 2 months that I waited for Bob and Ann to get here. This trip I packed a bunch of cardstock and goodies in a rolling Iris cart so I could make cards and I'm doing better just not so into it anymore.

Well I've chatted along for quite some time and I think I need to get back to Jake and Georgia before the storm comes.  Again Florida isn't known for great Internet so I'll try to write again as soon as I can.  Janet Johnson is coming to visit tomorrow she lives in Clearwater, Fl. now and we keep missing each other but I can't wait to see her sisters and catch up.

Take care and always remember to Pay it Forward.  God Bless.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

July 9th and still waiting!

Ok so its July 9th and I'm still waiting on the County to put in the driveway for Georgia.  Well I've had a reason and so have the County for not getting Georgia home.........................

Yes that's the flash flood that hit us for the second time this week thank goodness my Grandson Justin was around to help bail out the water I got in the basement.  Twice in 5 days I was ready to throw in the towel and just leave I am so fed up with this house.  If it wasn't for Justin I would have gone got in Georgia and said take everything I'm done.  You know they say God only gives you as much as you can handle but year after year after year I am so done I can't handle it anymore, I don't want to handle it anymore.  Georgia is my relief and I'm going down tomorrow to move a bunch of stuff in.  I think I'll spend the night in the campgrounds and then get ready to bring her home.  The County says they will be out here sometime next week but I can't wait I wanna start my fun times.

That's Jake my bashful cat.

In the mean time I have been making a few cards for OWH that's Operation Write Home.  I'm trying to use up all that paper I have been hording for the past 9 years.  And for now I'm not saving scraps cause I don't have room for everything in my new traveling home.  Yes I have to say right now that if you don't want me pulling up in front of your house I advise you change your address in the next few months or that you notify me you don't want company cause in September I'm hittin the road for two months before my
FIRST GREAT GRANDCHILD is born November 15th.  Now he's due the 16th but that's a Saturday so I'm predicting he'll choose to bless our lives on November 15, 2013. 
So that's what my life's been like the last few weeks but I still thank God every night for all my blessings especially my daughters and grand children.  Have a great week be back in the next week or so.